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New Zealand Immigration Advice

Immigration advice when you need it.

Migrants thinking of moving to New Zealand have a lot of questions and this is why move2nz was created back in 2005: to give straight answers to important questions.

Some of the most important questions relate to immigration:

1) What visa do I need to work and live in NZ?

2) Can I make a permanent move to New Zealand?

3) Do I need help from an immigration adviser?

What visa do I need?

An eligibility check is an in-depth look at your ability to meet immigration visa requirements from start to finish:

 - What visas can you apply for?

 - Can you apply for residence?

 - Are there any concerns?

"It's a good idea to get a proper check of your plans from a licensed immigration adviser before you start to ensure you are fully aware of any potential barriers or problems."

The problem is that you don't know what you don't know. Checking eligibility for your entire plan (temporary and residence visas) before you start is vital to ensure you will not hit a snag part-way through your journey.

Knowing you can meet requirements for residence before you start can give you real confidence.

Unbiased advice

In line with move2nz's values Mike provides honest, unbiased information and is delighted to support migrants who want to manage their own application.

"I count it as a major win when I can tell someone they don't need my professional help and have nothing to worry about."

Whether you want to manage your own application or would prefer a trusted professional to handle it for you getting good solid information will help you make good decisions.

So post your questions on move2nz, or check through the New Zealand Immigration Advice website for information.


It is so important to get advice on immigration right that in 2009 New Zealand introduced legislation making it illegal for anyone who had not proved competence to give advice.

This is where Mike Bell comes in.

Mike Bell - Licensed Immigration Adviser

An expert on migration and immigration patterns Mike, who co-founded move2nz, became a qualified and licensed immigration adviser in 2012 and regularly answers questions on move2nz's forum.

On 12/12/12 he became the first person in the world to become officially qualified, being  awarded the Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice.

New Zealand Immigration Advice

Mike provides professional immigration services through New Zealand Immigration Advice (NZIA), supported by two other fully qualified advisers in the largest consultancy in the South Island of New Zealand.

Based right in the heart of Christchurch Mike works every day with local immigration case officers and companies involved in the rebuild.

"No one is physically or technically closer to the Canterbury rebuild than we are."

Working with clients from around New Zealand and the rest of the world Mike has a success rate which is second to none, specialising in assisting all manner of skilled workers (and their families) with work and residence visas.

Mike's passion is fighting wrong or bad decisions and he enjoys working on complex cases such as appeals, deportation cases, regularising unlawful status and requests for Ministerial Intervention.

Whether you want someone to manage your application or need a professional to fight your corner contact Mike for information.

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